At Preface, we re-design the way each student learns.

Preface is a tech and design-driven education start up providing personalised education for different learners.

The Present Day Classroom

Evaluating from the use of textbook in a classroom environment, we have found out that "almost all education problems are simply teachers-students matching problems". To elaborate, we have only one teacher, one kind of assigned textbook, one teaching speed, one teaching style, one version of problem sets and one exam in each class.

However, in a normal classroom setting of 40 students, there are 40 different types of students coming from 40 different backgrounds, 40 different strengths and weaknesses, and 40 different learning paths. In the end, probably there are only 10% of students matching the single tone of teaching style of that particular teacher in the class; which undoubtedly are made up of the A-ranged students.

Preface's Future Classroom

Therefore, we have came to realise that the existing and currently- dominating textbooks, exercise books, tutorial notes and even dictionaries are indeed out-dated and incapable of handling differences in the education field.

As a result, our team desired to re-innovate textbooks, exercise books, tutorial notes and dictionaries by the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology; in a foreseeable future, we will make the publishers who have wanted to stop our innovation become obsolete in the market.